After The Human Library


The Human Library Event at Muntz Library on October 12th was in a word: “Exceptional’!  If you missed it, you really missed!  We had authors, motivators, law enforcement, veterans, religious leaders, survivors, and achievers!  Every person that shared a piece of themselves made an impact on someone.  Many ask the question:

What is a Human Library? Simply stated, it is individuals presenting themselves as a book, to be read through conversation with another human being.  It is humans interacting with one another and “hearing” another person’s journey, beliefs, accomplishments, endeavors, struggles, and victories.  It is an opportunity to see a person beyond the external.  As a child, many of us learned the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  The Human Library is the same concept, “Don’t judge a person by how they appear.”

We look forward to doing this again next year.  Hope you will be able to participate!

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