Scholar Works at UT Tyler

Scholar Works at UT Tyler is UT Tyler’s institutional repository, a digital service which brings together all of our University’s research under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research.

Graduate students that write a thesis or dissertation will add their final work to Scholar Works, adding to the digital collection of UT Tyler scholarship.

Once your thesis/dissertation is added to Scholar Works, authors immediately begin to see the benefits of providing access to their research—with the Scholar Works world map, authors can see where, worldwide, their work is being viewed. New graduates can link to their thesis/dissertation in their CVs or resumes, pointing potentially employers to their graduate research work.

Scholar Works allows you to distribute your work worldwide—most works deposited are freely available to anyone via the web. Your thesis/dissertation will be discoverable through major search engines like Google, and you’ll have the opportunity to share your work with more friends, colleagues, and like-minded researchers all around the world.

Digital Commons Network Wheel

When you add your thesis/dissertation to Scholar Works, you have an opportunity to choose disciplines which represent the subject area of your work. Whether it is electrical engineering, history, biology, or nursing—by selecting disciplines associated with your thesis/dissertation, your work is added to the Digital Commons Network wheel, a portal that brings together free, full-text scholar articles from hundreds of universities worldwide. It is a great access point for researchers worldwide to discover your work. On the Scholar Works at UT Tyler home page, there’s a network wheel specific to materials only in Scholar Works—that way researchers everywhere and our UT Tyler community can have a sense of the scholarly work we create at our university.


Live Readership Map

Scholar Works at UT Tyler also displays a live readership map, which pinpoints on a world map where content is being viewed and downloaded. Since the creation of Scholar Works in April 2016, there have been over 1,800 downloads of UT Tyler graduate students’ theses and dissertations, faculty publications and posters, and even some librarians’ research and publications.

Author Dashboard

The Author Dashboard feature at Scholar Works at UT Tyler allows authors to view their own readership map, showing where researchers have downloaded their thesis or dissertation. The dashboard also shows if your work has been downloaded at other institutions like research centers or other universities. This dashboard allows you to view and then showcase the visibility and research impact of your thesis/dissertation.

Overall, Scholar Works at UT Tyler provides a great opportunity to exhibit the scholarly output of UT Tyler—and especially your thesis or dissertation! If you have questions, please contact Terra Gullings, the Head of University Archives and Special Collections, at 903-565-5849 or

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