Pokémon? On Campus? Yes!

007If you look out on campus today, you’ll see people walking around with their noses buried in their cellphones, narrowly avoiding collisions with each other and with trees. Unless you’ve been vacationing under a rock the last week or two, you know that they’re playing Pokémon GO. It’s everywhere!

I’m too old to admit this, but here goes… I play it, too. And UT Tyler is a great place to play.

We have a ton of Pokéstops on campus — I lost count at about a dozen, but there are many more. There are two gyms on campus that are very active – one between our beautiful lakes, and one by our unique bell tower. I’ve seen them flash red, blue, and yellow many times over the course of a day. Besides the ever-present Rattatas and Pidgeys, I’ve caught Venonats, Polywags, Doduos, and all sorts of other little animated critters all over campus.

There are great places to play all over Tyler, as well. I’ve spent some time (I won’t say how much) at a table in a local Chinese restaurant where there happens to be a Pokéstop, dropping lures and catching Pokémon. Gyms and Pokéstops are everywhere you turn, and you can’t throw a digital stone without hitting a Caterpie or Weedle.

I’m going to out some people, too. Kevski, BK, and even Alecia play Pokémon GO to some extent. BK is the biggest Pokénerd among us — she knows all of the backstory of each Pokédude — although I’m currently the highest level of the Grad Admissions team. (I’m not sure whether I should be proud of that, but I am.)

So come on and bring your phone to campus. You won’t be alone — you may even find one of us on our lunch break tossing Pokéballs and catching critters.


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