Hello! Did you miss us?

It’s been a loooong time since we’ve updated this blog. Let me get out a snow shovel and clean up some of this dust off the keyboard. Phew!

(Hmmm… where did I find a snow shovel in Texas, anyway?)

Anyway, we’re still here and plugging away as hard as ever. And we have a few pieces of news to share.

First, get ready for Graduate Orientation!

That’s right – on Saturday, August 13th, all new graduate students are invited to come to campus for an orientation where we will be presenting information about our programs, student life, financial aid, enrollment, and many other topics of interest to graduate students. And there’s swag. And free food. Don’t forget the free food.

If you’re an online student, you’re also welcome to attend, but if you’re too far away to reasonably make it here, or if you just can’t make the day, we’ll have all of our orientation material available online on our Orientation webpages.

KEVSKISecond, a big welcome to Kevin McDaniel, who has just made the transition from student worker to full-time employee in the Graduate Admissions Office. Please join me in welcoming him to the team!

Kevin recently graduated from UT Tyler with bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and History. As disparate as these degrees seem, he somehow made them work together. By counting soldiers or something, I don’t know.


bkFinally, a congratulations to Brittani Keith, who has been promoted to Senior International Admissions Representative. She’s been rocking the new job, and we’re thrilled to have her aboard.

It’s an exciting time here in Graduate Admissions! We’ve got a lot to tell you about, and we’ll do our best to keep any more dust from settling on the blog keyboards!

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