Bowling Night in the OGS

The Gang's All Here

The Gang’s All Here

Yesterday night, we went bowling!

That’s right. The Graduate Admissions Staff dusted off our fancy shoes, polished our sparkly bowling balls, and headed out to the bowling alley. (Okay, so we rented shoes and borrowed balls. We still went!)

And we had a — wait for it — ball!

Kim pauses dramtically before launching her shot.

Before you get too excited, you should know that we are not professional bowlers. We are not competative bowlers. We are, sadly, not even good bowlers. But we had fun, and that’s what counts.We broke into three teams, each on its own lane, and averaged our scores to compete with each other. Chaitanya, Kevin, Riley, and Mike (yours truly) made up Team 1. Brittani, Chaffe, and Kim were Team 2, and Team 3 was Alecia, Khaled, Sydni, and Aamani. The stakes were high — bragging rights for the rest of the month for the winning team, and the title King or Queen of the night for the highest score.

Brittani celebrates a gutterball
Brittani celebrates a gutterball

Spirits were high. Good rolls were met with cheers, and poor ones with sympathy and good-natured joking. Pizza and soft drinks fueled the bowlers, and we had three hours on the clock. People laughed as strikes were followed by double-gutterballs and cheered when Kim almost made three strikes in a row.

The rivalry between teams was friendly, and, probably because nobody was particularly good, the competion was light-hearted and fun. But like all good things, the night had to come to an end. Scores were tallied, and results were posted.

Kevin's Impending Strike
Kevin is lined up for a strike


The highest average of the night went to the team of Chaitanya, Kevin, Riley, and Mike (yours truly, thank you very much!). We averaged a game score of 87.5 points. (I told you we weren’t very good!). King of the Night status went to Chaitanya, with an outstanding game of 136 points, beating out Kim’s 125 at the last minute.

A Selfie before we go

A selfie before we go

Before we left, we had a surprise visit from Praveen, who had just picked up a friend from the airport and stopped by to say hello, roll a ball (twice), and take a group selfie. Below, I’ll post some more pictures from our night to remember. We’ll definitely be doing this again!

King of the Night

King of the Night: Chaitanya!

–Michael Giordano
Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions

A Bunch of Us

Just a bunch of us

Sydni Prepares

Sydni prepares to launch

Sydni, Brittani, and Chaffe

Sydni, Brittani, and Chaffe sharing a moment

Smiles all around

Smiles all around

Mike points something out to Praveen

Mike points something out to Praveen

Alecia launches the ball

Alecia launches the ball

Mike aiming for a spare

Mike goes for the spare. (I missed.)

Khaled Fixes the Scores

Khaled “fixes” the score

A quick break

A quick break

Alecia gives advice

Alecia has some advice for Chaffe

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