The Firenze Bell Tower- Steven Hullum

Yesterday I climbed Giotto’s Campanile, more commonly know as the Firenze Bell Tower, and I have to say that it was quite amazing. First, one is struck by the sheer height and perfection of the structure itself. It thrusts upwards seemingly out of no where, and if one stands at the bottom, it appears to extend all the way to space. This is the first awestruck moment I had during my experience at this amazing structure. The line was quite short to enter the Bell Tower, so that was a big bonus. When one enters the Bell Tower, it seems impossible to imagine that the building extends upwards for 255 feet. But once one starts climbing the stairs it becomes a reality. The way upwards is quite narrow, but there are several landings that allow one to examine the city and its people while one stretch one’s legs. On one floor, there was a large metal grate that one could look through and see every other floor below, so it was an interesting, yet slightly scary experience to lay on the grate and take a photo. Once you make it to the top, one finds them self in a covered area which is sometimes blisteringly hot because of the beating sun and poor ventilation, but once one steps out onto the roof line one is hit by one of the best breezes in human history. The marble work that rings the rooftop sucks the air through as it pushes up the side of the building, and I have to admit, it feels quite heavenly. After cooling off and ringing the sweat out of every article of clothing, one gets a chance to admire the city from the second tallest point in the city. People look small, the skyline is laid out before one, and the mountains can finally be seen properly in the distance. It is a truly breath taking, jaw dropping, experience. One can walk around the entire Bell Tower and see Firenze from all angles, and it is Flawless. It will certainly be one of the crowning moments on this wonderful trip abroad, not only because of the sheer beauty, but also because I had the ability to experience it with my close friends and fellow GATE students Rebekah Provines, Erin Hicks, Maggie Mahfood, and Diego Loya. The ability to admire and share experiences like that with people like them is something that I hope I never take for granted. I will always be able to cherish and remember that wonderful day in the city of Firenze with friends.


Steven Hullum

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  1. Another fantistica work that is part of the Duomo complex is Brunelleschi’s dome that covers the cruise of the cathedral, this architectural work still is analyzed and studied by experts from around the world, trying to understand the method by which the Brunelleschi was able to achieve a similar building without even having the help of modern technology.

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