I am Nathan Herman. This is my story.

Visiting Argentina has been one of the best, if not the best, experiences of my life. This opportunity has allowed me to enjoy many incredible interactions and events that I never thought I would be able to witness. Even on a Wednesday as uneventful as today, I look back and realize how much fun I am having. The GATE class has been delivering persuasive speeches all week; each time a speech is presented I am able to learn more about the surrounding culture and about the students with whom I have spent the past five weeks. It was very interesting to hear my classmates’ well-prepared arguments. Especially Addie Moore’s. It da best.

This Girl Tho

Afterwards, our class was able to tour the Colon Theater. It was one of the most elegant creations I have seen on our trip. Its history proved just as rich and beautiful as its design. This was made apparent by our incredible tour guide, Sebastian.


Only one thing marred our tour of the beautiful theater. Imagine this — Lang Lang. Lang Lang is a world class pianist who just had to practice because he has a concert or whatever. I am not upset with Lang Lang because he decided to practice his art before his recital; that is very responsible of him. Nor am I upset with the fact that he chose to practice in the Colón Theater; I would have much enjoyed hearing Lang Lang work his finely tuned fingers across that elegant piano. Rather, I am upset with Lang Lang because he decided that our group was not worthy of his pianism. Imagine that you watch a movie for an hour and it builds up to the climax when you are about to find out that Bruce Willis is dead the whole time. Except you never find out that Bruce Willis is dead. That was how the tour of the Colón Theater ended. We never had the opportunity to actually see the inside of the theater. We never found out that Bruce Willis was dead. But it’s okay, I am over it as of now.


On to further disenchantments. Immediately after leaving the Colón Theater, I traveled to a shoe store I had seen a few weeks ago and purchased some shoes by the name of Mallorca. Upon googling them, just now, I am becoming fearful of the possibility that they may be a low quality shoe. This brings us to now, I sit in my hotel room typing this blog and looking forward to tomorrow, when I get to blow everyone away with my speech. Peace. Out. 

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